-het om zich heen kijken-

In de middeleeuwen een belangrijke bezigheid van  Dominicaanse monniken, op het marktplein gaan staan en -om zich heen kijken-, om zo: "bij de tijd te blijven", "te weten wat er gaande is in de maatschappij".

Dat als vertrekpunt om zo een bijdrage te leveren aan de Nederlandse samenleving: Maatschappelijk relevant en vanuit het hier en nu op de toekomst gericht.


Reactie Curatoren Arte Util

Following the legacy of John Ruskin about the uses of art and going through the implementation of art in the real world recently encouraged by Arte Útil, Circumspectio proposes a new vision of art and culture in daily life, using Eindhoven as a testing ground.

What if we go to the local butcher and we can find a brand new food design product?

Circumspectio is an unconventional way to connect local shops, international designers and local resources in order to show every step of the production process. The project suggests new possibilities for the consumer and it fosters an independent decision making process around what to buy and why.

During the Dutch Design Week some shops located in Kruisstraat in Oud Woensel, will host different design projects and objects created by international designers either living or working in the city.

Circumspectio is a way to connect a very specific design audience with a non-trained contemporary art and design one, with the aim to implement new ways of economic and social growth.The idea is based on inclusive community participation and self-organization around the promotion of design products.


Circumspectio is not a gesture, it is an attitude.